2 Pack - Red Cord Wrappers
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2 Pack - Red Cord Wrappers (Out Of Stock)

Our Cord Wrappers are the perfect tool to wrap up loose cords and more! With a small design, the Wrappers are hardly noticeable yet big enough to hold long cords. Perfect for use in the kitchen with appliances, in the bathroom with hair tools, in the office for computer cords, and more!

- Shade of Red would be described as Fire Truck Red

- High Quality synthetic plastic polymer (tested and chosen for durability and flexibility)

- Can be used on flat or slightly curved surfaces

- High Quality Heat Resistant Adhesive (up to 200°F)

- Proudly Made in the USA

- Patented

    Choosing the Surface For Use:

    • Due to the nature of the adhesive, the Wrapper may not stick to every surface. While it sticks to most appliances and hard surfaces, please avoid textured, dirty, oily, material/fabric, soft, or other surfaces that have a tendency to peel (painted walls, wallpaper, paper, etc.).

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