What is
The Cord Wrapper?

The Cord Wrapper is an easy way to keep all those cords organized and out of the way! Simply attach The Cord Wrapper to your appliance and wind excess cord around The Cord Wrapper when the appliance is not in use for a clean, organized appearance. When you need to use the appliance, simply unwrap what cord is needed and keep the rest stored neatly away.

Uses for The Cord Wrapper
The Cord Wrapper is not just a handy tool for organizing the kitchen (though that’s where the idea was sparked). The Cord Wrapper can be used throughout the home to organize excess cords:





Benefits of Owning The Cord Wrapper

Organized Space

No more cluttered cords and plugs all over your kitchen counters or office desks. Keep things neat and tidy with The Cord Wrapper.

Easy to Store

Putting away an appliance? The Cord Wrapper makes it easy to store items in cupboards, closets, and baskets without loose wires dangling everywhere.

No More Tripping

For the love of Pete, no more cursing at those pesky cords as you fall to your knees trying to get from Point A to Point B.

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