The Birth of The Cord Wrapper

One spring evening a couple of friends were sitting around enjoying the night, chatting away when one of us put away a toaster from earlier. When she put it in the cabinet, the cabinet door refused to shut all the way because that toaster cord was sticking out again for the thousandth time.

"I'm so sick and tired of these cords!"

In that moment, The Cord Wrapper was born. After months of hard work and determination, we have brought our product to you to help with all kinds of cord management.

This is the solution for those annoying cords in your kitchen, bathroom, office, living room… anywhere there is a cord! Simply wipe it, peel it, stick it and wrap it.

APRIL 2019

The incident in the kitchen.

MAY 2019

Melted plastic beads and hand-shaped a prototype.


Different materials were tested and perfected with our engineer.

FALL 2019

Started the process of manufacturing The Cord Wrapper in our home town of Ogden UT.


Shipping The Cord Wrapper to homes across the US.

The Cord Wrapper Lives
The product will officially launch in early 2020 and soon after, people across the US will benefit from our cord management product to help hide cords throughout their homes. Discover just how simple it is to use The Cord Wrapper, how it can make your home more organized, and pre-order yours today!