Replacement Adhesive

$4.99 + Free Shipping

Replacement Adhesive - 1 Unit

    • In the event that you would like to move you Cord Wrapper, you may purchase a replacement adhesive that is the same that came already applied to you Wrapper. Please Read the Following:
      • Due to the nature of the adhesive we use, the original adhesive should be bonded very securely to your Wrapper, meaning it may not come off completely to leave a smooth base for the new adhesive. This is due to the adhesive having a chemical reaction with the material the Wrapper is made of to ensure maximum strength. 
We would recommend that you place the new adhesive directly over the original if you are going to move your Wrapper. When reapplying your Wrapper, be sure to apply pressure directly on the base with your fingers for maximum adhesion, and wait 10-15 minutes before wrapping your cords up.
  • We do not offer refunds on the Replacement Adhesive.
Real Comments About The Cord Wrapper

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“...such an ingenious product!!!”

Teresa M.

“I love the Cord Wrappers! I love to be organized and this makes it possible 😊 ”

Janice V.

“My Cord Wrappers came in the mail a few days ago. I am so excited! Let me tell you, this is a great product. They look nice, feel nice, and definitely do the job. It's so nice to get rid of the annoying cords! Even the packaging was nice. They've thought of everything...”