11 Simple Cord Management Ideas

pile of cluttered cords under a desk.

Looking for cord clutter solutions for your kitchen, office or other living spaces? There are a variety of solutions that work for any budget. While some cord organizers are simple and cost practically nothing, others are definitely more innovative, convenient and hazard preventing. This list is structured from low to high-quality so you can easily find the one that fits your needs and budget.

Zip Ties:

Price: $4.99
Best for: All Cords
Found at: Online, Local Hardware Store

Simple and effective, these are a popular choice for tidying up a web of cords behind the TV or Computer. They don’t cost much but they aren’t the tidiest solution.

Orange cord tied by gear tie

Gear Tie: 

Price: $2.98
Best for: Any size cord and more. 
Found at: Nite Ize

Similar to Zip ties, these can be great cord organizers and managers. Gear Ties are cheap and reusable. The only downside is that they don’t hide cords. 

Adhesive hook used to wrap cords

Adhesive Hooks:  

Price: $7-9.00
Best for: Most cords
Made by: Command 

Ties can condense a pile of cords, but they don’t do the best job hiding them. Hooks are a cheap way to get cords off the ground and concealed behind a piece of furniture, freeing up space and eliminating trip hazards. 


Price: $8.95 - $10.95
Best for: Office cords like chargers
Found at: BlueLounge, Home Depot

A sleek, less noticeable cord organizer is CableDrop. These little pincher type hooks can conveniently mount anywhere and come in various sizes. They don’t hide cords, but they do keep things close and handy with a well-organized feel.

Applecore Cord Organizer

Applecore Cord Organizer: 

Price: $3.20
Best for: Headphones and other thin cords. Great for travel.
Found at: eBay, Amazon, Walmart

Applecore is nice because you can wind up cords to keep them out of the way. They are a perfect travel cord clutter solution, unfortunately, they are made for smaller cords and don’t come in many sizes.

Signum Cord Tray

Signum Cord Tray:

Price: $14.99
Best for: Heavy, thick office cords.
Found at: Ikea

While it requires a little more installation, it’s worth the work. This cord management idea makes cords virtually disappear. You can use this product in the kitchen, office or even a shop with a lot of electric hand tools. 

Charging Station

Charging Stations:

Price: $17.55
Best for: Chargers

Everyone in the family has at least one device these days, and chargers can become a real eyesore. A charging station is a great way to box up all the loose cords. While it does tidy things up, charging stations are a little bulky and can take up valuable space.

Neoprene Cord Sleeves

Neoprene Cord Sleeves:

Price: $9.99
Best for: Heavy, thick cords
Found at: Amazon

Cords can become a tripping hazard when not taken care of. If you’re still wondering how to hide cords, sleeves slim your cord pile and they give you options as to where an assortment of cords run.


Price: $19.99
Best for: Most Cords
Found at: Cable Ties and More

Sleeves can bundle cords but often still lie in the way of other things. Wiremold fits nicely to the wall and by concealing the cord, prevents any tripping or pulling hazards. They can be painted to match a wall, and they are also excellent for protecting outdoor cords. 

Cable Box

Cable Box:


Price: $24.99
Best for: All cord types
Found at: DMoose 

One product used to hide cords while also providing a clean, stylish look, is the curved top Cable Box. It conveniently tucks cords away and is small enough to store under or behind another piece of furniture. 

Cord Wrapper:

Best for: All Cords
Found at: Cord Wrapper

The Cord Wrapper combines all the best features into one product. While easily wrapping cords when not in use, it can be mounted on a variety of surfaces. It fits all types of cord sizes and comes in subtle colors so as not to distract from the beauty of your home. This cord organizer has it all.