How to Keep Electrical Cords Neat

woman lying on carpet with appliances and cords spread on the ground

Everyone hates how pompous cords are. They clutter up any space you hold dear and when they get tangled it takes forever to untangle them. We’re going to talk about some fun solutions we found on how to keep electrical cords neat. You can try these ideas at home to help you de-clutter and find some new ways to get those cords clean and organized, just as Marie Kondo would have wanted.

Introducing The Cord Wrapper

The Cord Wrapper is a specially made tool that helps hide cords in a cute little bump! The Cord Wrapper is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and small appliances. As the name states, it wraps your cords around and stores them out of sight under its top. If you have cords lying everywhere in your bathroom from a frantic morning of hairstyling or kitchen appliance cords cluttering your kitchen space, then the Cord Wrapper will help you conceal it all. 

Eliminate Confusion By Labeling Your Cords

Labeling your cords is very helpful if you have a ton hiding behind a computer screen or if you have a box where you dump unknown cords. By labeling your cords, you can know exactly what each one is meant for or what it goes with. You can do this easily by using a label maker and printing out a title for your cord, giving extra space to wrap the label around your cord near the plug-in side. Once you plug in a cord you’ll be able to see exactly where it goes.

Yarn It Up With Plastic Cord Tubes

I’ve seen yarning done on headphones before but Kate Pruitt from Design Sponge takes it to a whole new level! By using some plastic cord tubes to wrap around your bulky cords at home. By doing this cute yarn trick, you don’t have to hide cords away you -- can display them proudly out in the open. Talk about a conversation piece! Check out how to do this cute trick at home from Design Sponge.

Eliminate Unnecessary Cords And Get Organized! 

The easiest way to organize cords is simply getting rid of the things you don’t need. This means going through your cord box every once and a while and clearing out the cords that are obsolete. Regularly testing your cords will help make sure your appliances are fresh and ready to be used. If a cord doesn’t work you can throw it away. Extension cords can go bad especially fast and suck power from your home, racking up your electric bill. If it looks worn and ragged, replace it.


We hope these few tips help identify where you can free up some space or declutter your appliance usage completely. 

Let’s review: 

The Cord Wrapper is designed to hide cords in a neat bundle; this also keeps the cord in flawless condition. Labeling your cords makes them easy to find and helps keep track of where they plug into. Yarning or wrapping your cords will help by having a unique piece in your home or will help with labeling. Yarning also helps by reducing the risk of kinks in the cord itself. And finally getting straightened out and organizing cords you don’t need reduces cord clutter altogether.