Cord Wrap Hacks to Remove Unsightly Cords

Trendy office space with minimal grey lamp sitting on white desk

Let’s talk cords – yes, those pesky, little wires that make themselves at home all throughout your space. Though small, cords are a pain to deal with – particularly when they’re wrapped around each other! So, this nonsense must stop. We’re here to give you our very best cord wrap hacks to eliminate unsightly cords and wires, leaving you with carefree mornings and walks to the couch (meaning, no more tripping). 

6 Best Cord Wrap Hacks 

Whether you’re into D.I.Y. projects or not, anyone can take on these hacks. Hopefully one will speak to the inner fixer in you! 

Use a Basket or Storage Container with Handles

An open white office space with shelves, storage containers, and a cord holder.

With the right wicker basket, this is the easiest cord wrap in the book. Nothing ruins a space like cords running along the carpet while you’re going back and forth from the kitchen to the living room for popcorn and a movie. With a cute wicker or woven basket, you can both dress your space up and hide cords. 

Here’s what you do: take a surge protector and place it in your storage basket (note: your storage basket needs handles for this hack to work best). Then, tuck the soon-to-be cord holder beside or behind a large piece of furniture, or place on a TV stand, and thread your cords or cables through the basket handle’s opening. If there’s a lid, go ahead and close up the container. Once you’re done using the cord – whether it’s a charger or a lamp cord – simply detach the cord and let it recoil. You may have to gently tuck it back through the basket’s hole. 

That’s all there is to it! It’s both easy and the perfect excuse to update your storage containers. 

Zip Tie Those Cords Up

TV sitting on modern wooden TV stand surrounded by green plants

TV cables can be the worst of the worst. No one enjoys watching their favorite TV show with a mess of cords competing for attention right beside the action. To organize these cables neatly, simply tie them together with zip cords. Next, use a wall-mount surge protector to plug in several cords at a time. (Don’t you wish there was only one TV cable to worry about?) 

If you don’t want to deal with a surge protector, you can also gently zip tie the wires together so they aren’t just hanging loosely and either stow them away through the back of your TV stand, or just let them hang (at least they’ll be bunched together). 

Hide Cords with Command Hooks

Command hooks, adhesive strips – whatever you want to call them – are little helpers that work wonders when it comes to concealing cords! Consider your table lamp with its cord extending halfway across the room due to the inconveniently located outlet. This just looks bad, and it’s a tripping hazard! Instead, use command hooks to attach the lamp cord to the back of your furniture (a couch, table, desk, etc.). This way, it’s hidden in plain sight. 

Sneaky, huh? Two can play this game. 

Try Jute Rope 

Let’s try another cord wrap hack that allows you to hide your cord in plain sight. Say hello to jute rope. If you’re big on arts and crafts, D.I.Y. projects, or other home decor projects, chances are you’ve worked with jute rope. Both strong and sturdy, and charmingly rustic, jute rope is the perfect way to hide those cords. 

What you’ll need: About 200 feet of jute rope (if you get the thicker kind, you won’t have to wrap as much), an extension cord, glue, and scissors. You can guess what comes next: wrap your extension cord in jute rope, gluing the ends down to hold in place. Jute rope’s neutral color and texture will naturally blend into the background of your space, creating a nice aesthetic. 

Check out the full tutorial here.

Cleverly Style Your Bookcase 

Trendy, modern living room space with a TV sitting on a tv stand next to an open bookshelf

This little hack doesn’t involve any sort of D.I.Y. or cord holder/cord organizer. Instead, it’ll just take a bit of rearranging and maybe some trial and error. Let’s go back to pesky TV cables. Do you have some sort of TV bookshelf unit or a bookshelf beside your TV? If so, look at all the nooks and crannies. We’re guessing you use those shelves to display your books, candles, and other trinkets. So, why not take advantage of how they’re placed?

Take all your cables and hide them throughout your bookcase. This doesn’t mean your bookcase has to be cluttered with excessive junk to hide your cords; simply use what you have and take a bundle of wires and tuck them behind an item. Whether it’s a basket, a large picture frame, a stack of books, etc., you can play around with hiding spots. 

Note: if your bookshelves are looking bare, take this as an excuse to redecorate and add some fun items to your space! Kill two birds with one stone. 

Use The Cord Wrapper 

Cord wrapper, hiding kitchen cords on table.

If D.I.Y. projects aren’t your thing or you don’t care to restyle your space, here’s the simplest solution of all: meet The Cord Wrapper. This cord wrap hack completely eliminates the idea of having to deal with a long cord that’s strewn across the floor. Instead, The Cord Wrapper acts as the ultimate cord organizer. You can attach it to your appliance or any corded item, essentially, and wind the lengthy excess cord around The Cord Wrapper when you’re not actively using your item. When you are ready to use it, simply unwrap the desired amount of cord while the rest stays gently coiled up within The Cord Wrapper. Say goodbye to tangled cords!