An Electronic Cord Organizer May Change Your Life

An Electronic Cord Organizer May Change Your Life

Let’s face it. Cord organization will be a necessity for as long as we continue to use electronic devices. And yes, while some things do have wireless charging capabilities, even the wireless charger needs a cord to get power from the outlet.  So, if cords aren’t going anywhere, finding a cord management solution for our daily cord woes is the way to go. But what are some helpful cord organization tools that truly help solve the problem?

Here are some electronic cord organizer solutions you’ll love:

electronic cord organizer on white desk with black charging cables

Cable Station

Sometimes you just need a way to keep your cords organized so that when you reach for one, it doesn’t come with five others. A cable station is a great option if you have skinnier cords and would prefer to keep them on top of your office desk instead of rummaging through a mess on your floor when you need to find one cord.

Tangled blue earphones isolated on white background

Earbuds Electronic Cord Organizer

One of the greatest mysteries of this age involves figuring out how our earbuds get tangled no matter how we store them. An earbud cord organizer keeps the cord in place so you can quickly unravel it when you need it. No more time spent time undoing knots that seem to have tied themselves for the mere purpose of sabotaging your jam-out sesh. An organizer for your earbuds takes up very little space and keeps your earbuds at the ready everywhere you go.

Black cord tied with pink velcro tie isolated on white background

Velcro Electronic Cord Organizer

An oldie but goodie, this option is similar to tying the cord on itself but doesn’t put any strain on the delicate ends of the cord. It’s an easier-to-use alternative to zip ties. And although this is a popular cord management method, keep in mind that it doesn’t allow for quick unraveling when it’s time to use your cord.

The Cord Wrapper

There are a lot of different ways to organize cords but most of them still result in unsightly cords that are very much visible or some sort of unattractive unit that hides all of the cords but which itself becomes an eyesore. The Cord Wrapper solves this issue and more.

What’s The Cord Wrapper, you ask?

It all started with a simple idea to keep kitchen appliances organized, but has become a handy tool you can use anywhere there’s a cord. Made of high quality synthetic plastic polymer, it has been tested for durability and flexibility, so you know your Cord Wrapper will last you for years to come, even on your most frequently used electronic items. This unique electronic cord organizer also features a 3M durable heat resistant adhesive. This idea was sparked out of frustration with kitchen appliances, so of course we’d want to make it heat resistant for items that get hot to the touch!

Why You Need Cord Organization

There are numerous benefits to having a cord management solution in your home. Whether your goal is decluttering or making your home a safer place for yourself and your family, Cord Wrapper is a revolutionary tool that will change the way you organize your electronics.

Woman tripping over electric cord at home 

Keep Your Home and Family Safe

It’s why magnetized charging cords were invented—think Apple’s MacBook charging cable. Kids (and adults, admittedly) can trip over cords, hurting themselves and damaging costly electronic devices in the process. Having a trip-proof solution will keep you, erm, your kids from constantly tripping over cords. Don’t leave your devices plugged in 24/7. Just wrap the cord into your Cord Wrapper when not in use and save yourself from a multitude of uh-oh’s.

Declutter Your Space

Imagine finally taking care of that tangled mess behind your living room entertainment center, on your kitchen counter, beside your bedside table, or below your desk at work. The Cord Wrapper electronic cord organizer is an easy solution for all of these places! Not only does your space look cleaner, but it also leaves a better impression on all who enter your home or office.

Take your kitchen, for example. A dangerous place to begin with, this space comes with hazards from heat, fire, sharp objects, and appliances whose cords you want out of the way when prepping and cooking. 

What with the unmade bed and clothes all over the floor, your bedroom is another space that can quickly get cluttered if you’re not careful. And of course, having a bunch of cords at your bedside doesn’t do much to help the situation. But we get it. You may want to keep your lamp, an alarm clock, and a couple electronic devices plugged in at this spot every night, but using Cord Wrapper will help keep everything in its rightful place even while still plugged in. 

When your space is cleaner, you’ll have more room for decorations and won’t have cords getting in the way of or detracting attention from your decor.

Make Things Easier to Store

We understand that not every device stays out on display. The kitchen is the best example of this. Some appliances are stored on the countertop for aesthetic or practical purposes, while some less used or less appealing items are kept in a cupboard or cabinet. For the tools and appliances that you do choose to put away, Cord Wrapper wraps the cords up and stores it right on the device so you don’t have cords dangling everywhere. This helps your storage space look more organized and you can store and retrieve each item with ease.

Electronic cord organizer on toaster in kitchen

Prolongs the Life of Electronic Devices

With repeated use and improper storage methods, cords often break at either end or even somewhere in the middle. Sometimes, you may even try to “wrap” the cord but essentially end up tying it to keep it out of the way (It’s okay. We don’t judge). However, this puts strain on the cord and leads to exposed and sometimes sharp wires. When this happens, your cords are less likely to stay intact and before long, your device is out of commission.

Cord Wrapper holds the cord securely in place without creating any dents or sharp bends in the wire and avoiding strain on both ends. With continued use of your Cord Wrapper cord management solution, you can enjoy your favorite electronic devices for many years to come. 

Keep Your Cords on Your Devices

Sometimes in an effort to keep your cords off the floor, you may hang them on the wall instead. Sure, if they’re on the wall, they’re trip proof, but now your wall is a mess and you have to remove the cord to move the device from that location.

Keep your cords trip-proof, organized, and out of sight with Cord Wrapper. With this cord management solution, your devices become more portable as you get to keep your cords with them instead of hanging them on the wall or removing them from a box unit.

But if hanging cords from a vertical surface is still your thing, simply attach Cord Wrapper to that surface, wrap the cord up, and unwrap as much as you need when you’re ready to use your device.

Holds Large and Small Cords

Some cord organization tools can only fit skinny cords like phone chargers or aren’t prepared to hold longer cords that need to be wrapped numerous times. But The Cord Wrapper is built to keep even the longest and thickest cords hidden.

Saves You Money

As such a costly expense, it’s no wonder we’re always finding ways to save on our electricity bills. Sometimes leaving electronic devices always plugged in can pull energy even when the device is not in use or is on the ‘off’ setting. In fact, one study revealed that about 25% of all residential energy consumption is used on idle devices.

You may be choosing to keep your devices plugged into the wall to avoid a tangled mess of unplugged cords on the floor or elsewhere. However, if you use Cord Wrapper for cord management to contain your cords when not in use, they are no longer plugged into the wall, you’re still able to retrieve them quickly and easily, and your space remains clutter-free.

man wrapping cord around electric cord organizer in kitchen

So how should you use your Cord Wrapper?

Using a Cord Wrapper is easy. You simply wipe the surface to which Cord Wrapper will be adhered, peel the adhesive backing, stick Cord Wrapper to that surface, and wrap your cord! It’s a true solution for anywhere you have cords. Here are some places where we love using Cord Wrapper:

  • Kitchen appliances. The reason The Cord Wrapper was born. It was essentially made to save you from frustrations and accidents in the kitchen. If it wasn’t at least good in the kitchen, we don’t know what it’d be good for.
  • Decorative pieces. Some decor may need to be plugged in for full function, but their unplugged cords when not in use may be distracting. You can save money and keep your space clutter free by adhering an electronic cord organizer to an inconspicuous surface.
  • Beauty appliances. We’re talking hair straighteners, curling irons, blow dryers, and even your light up mirrors. Attach cord wrapper to the inside or outside of your bathroom cabinet or on the wall near your mirror and never leave a mess before your night out again!
  • Behind furniture that holds electronics. This is most often an entertainment center or something similar. Stick Cord Wrapper on to the back of the furniture and hide every cord from every angle. Your guests will certainly be impressed.

Trust us when we say we know the struggles that come with electronic cords. We want storage frustrations, unsightly spaces, and cord-related accidents to be a thing of the past. So we’ve made a cord management solution that you can use virtually anywhere. 

Get the Cord Wrapper electronic cord organizer and change your life today!