How to Hide Cords on Kitchen Counters

How to Hide Cords on Kitchen Counters

Tangled cords make for an unsightly, unwanted piece of decor in your otherwise organized home. It’s unavoidable, right? If it has a cord, (which most things still do despite advancements toward cordless, wireless, and remote-controlled appliances and technology) it’s not like you can just poof the cord out of existence. So, how do you hide cords on a kitchen counter, for example? That’s the prime area with all the stringed-up appliances, from toasters and blenders to stand mixers and microwaves, there are a lot of cords floating around that could be better disguised. 

Today, we’re going to talk about cord camouflage, cord management, or even just cord hiding solutions. If it’s corded, we’re going to give you ideas on how to hide it on your kitchen counter. 

Start Simple with Cord Clips

The simplest solution to hide cords is to hop over to your local supermarket or home improvement store and pick up some cord or binder clips to keep those wiry things in check. Keeping cords wrapped up at least makes it look less like a lost-and-found box of cords and cables and more like a technological situation that’s under control. 

Extension cord sitting on yellow paper

Even while the simplest step is probably the cheapest, is it really the most visually appealing? Maybe not. The cords are still out and about, but at least they’re under wraps. 

Do the DIY

Maybe the simple way isn’t for you. You have a knack for the craft and want to make things look pristine. You can certainly find several DIY creative projects to camouflage those cords. 

Think: makeshift baseboards, paintable cord covers, shower curtain rods, and concealed power strips. All of these vary in complexity, but have the same idea: if you can’t stand cords, do something about it. If you want those cords hidden, DIY is a way to go.

Kitchen Counter Cord Concealing

Those solutions are all fine and dandy until you get into talking about those small appliances. Sure, you can weave the cords through the wall behind your entertainment system, or you can snake cords around the room through makeshift baseboards, but what about the smaller situations? How do you deal with the kitchen appliance cords? 

Two words: cord covers. 

You know, a sleeve for your cord. They can come in so many different colors and textures, it’s a cure-all cord hiding solution! But, then you have something on your counter that you have to worry about spilling on. Grease comes out of suede, right? What about that butter that fell off your knife when making some toast? Surely that’ll be easy to get out of burlap. 

How to Hide Cords on Kitchen Counters? Meet The Cord Wrapper. 

If you’re wanting to bypass any cord-hiding flops, The Cord Wrapper is the product for you. You know how vacuums have that automatic mechanism that sucks in the cord? Or, how you press a button on a tape measurer and it wraps up internally with no qualms? That was the idea behind The Cord Wrapper. This innovative product keeps your kitchen appliance cords concealed, clean, and protected, without all the ifs, ands, or buts. 

For the actual simplest solution with more benefits than just being a cord organizer, check out The Cord Wrapper today.